Success Blocker and How To Remove It with Dr. Shannon Irvine

I would love to know: what fear is standing in your way? What is the thing that you’re saying to yourself that’s stopping you from playing big and doing the big things you desire to do? No matter what your biggest fear is, I can tell you, IT IS the #1 thing blocking you from the success you desire. If that FEAR remains in your subconscious, then you will always play smaller than you are. You will always limit yourself. You will always keep that foot on the brake and wonder "why am I not getting where I want to go?" Good news: fear is what our brain uses to keep us in the safe and familiar. Why is that good news? Because fear is created in our mind, same place success is created! And you, my high-achiever friend, have the power to remove those fears and replace them with the thoughts and beliefs that create the success and results you want, and it is easier than you think! I coach clients daily to remove their fear-based blocks holding them back. Using my brain based coaching model you can finally get the results you want on a very consistent basis because you’re doing it from a brain-based, science-backed process. Today on the Epic Success Podcast I’m talking about fear as a success blocker and how to remove it using the power of your brain.

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In this episode, we will chat about how the news and people around you can use fear, shame and guilt to try to control you every day.
I would love to know: what fear is standing in your way?

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