Stress Proof Your Body - Paul Chapman

In this groundbreaking book Relaxation expert Paul Chapman looks at how and why we get so tense and stressed.

  • Discover the surprising reason why humans find it so hard to relax
  • Find out why flexibility is more important than cardiovascular exercise for long term health
  • Understand what damage stress does to your body and find out how to reverse it
  • Discover simple exercises to get control of your emotions and increase your energy levels
  • Discover what your posture says about your physical and emotional health and how to improve it
  • Learn how to take control of your health and tension levels and live a full life well into old age.

This is a book everybody needs to read.

There is nothing more stressful than the threat of physical violence. As somebody who has taught many hundreds of people how to stay relaxed under extreme pressure tai chi and kung fu master Paul Chapman uses ancient Chinese techniqes to relax. These skills go deeply into the ways we walk, move, stand, sit and breathe and help us learn to do these things in a healthier way. The results are dramatic.

If you aren't in control of your mind and body then you are open to being controlled by other people or events around you.

This is so important to understand. The more control you have over yourself, your mind, body, breath, energy and anxiety levels, emotions etc the more power you have. This book is an introduction to giving you that power and helping you understand it.

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