Sleep your fat away - Roy & Joy Martina

Learn to use the sleep programming techniques that train your mind to naturally acquire healthier habits while you sleep.
Too often people who want to lose weight get stuck in a cycle of denying their cravings, and then feeling guilty when they inevitably give in to them. When you approach weight loss this way, you are only setting yourself up for failure because your subconscious mind rules how you think, what you want—and how you eat. The good news is you can train your brain to work for you and achieve weight loss for life!
In Sleep Your Fat Away, you will learn the principles behind sleep programming, in which recorded messages play while you sleep, training your subconscious to take on new and healthy habits.
There are only three steps you need to take:
• Read this book.
• Follow the guidelines
• Get the program and start losing weight in your sleep!

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