The power of intention


3 Tips for using your intention for success

Tip 1

Be happy with your intention

It doesn't matter what others think of your intention or how they judge it. It is your intention. Don't be influenced by others. Be happy and centered. The more powerful is your intention. In your feeling and in your higher consciousness, you know that everything is fine and everything will be fine. That happy surface is part of fertility. It makes you feel like it has already happened and that you are grateful that you made it happen.

Alignment is unification with purpose

Intention is the seed of all creation. When you have the congruent intention mindset to do something, achieve something and / or create something, it is almost certain that you will succeed. Your intention is the alignment with one specific future of the many possibilities that your future offers.

By regularly deploying your intention, you accelerate the way to your goals. The certainty increases as you become more adept at setting intentions.

Congruent intentions are powerful

By setting a congruent intention, you focus both your conscious and unconscious mind on the same goal (alignment) and you have the willingness to do whatever it takes to make the intention succeed. I don't think there is anything more powerful than intention.

The intention keeps your goals on the front part of your mind.

You are unconsciously reminded of your goals and the outcome you want. Your intentions open your brain more to opportunities to excel and create.

Intentions fuel the manifestation of your goals

Intention is the driving force for your higher consciousness and the path to your destination. Planting the seed right before your meditation is the optimal time.

Write down your intention

Writing down gives strength and brings up the feeling in the unconscious that it is real. When you write it down, it is already partially manifested.

Connect with your end goal and feel happy as if it already is.

If you are happy with your intention, it unconsciously creates a dimension in your brain that gives more and more nourishment to the idea that your intention is achievable. It gives you a perspective on your end goal of the path you have taken. Being happy with your intention also means that regardless of the outcome, it is always right as it is. This acceptance and this surrender ensure that you get the best result, although you do not always know in advance what result this will be. This sounds paradoxical, but know this: You are more successful when you learn not to be under stress. The relaxation creates the flow, not the tension.

3 questions before you broadcast or formulate your intention

  1. Can you let go of the HOW and only think about the WHAT?
  2. Do you have confidence in the outcome regardless of the form and the process?
  3. Are you open to making the best happen in your life?

If you can answer 'yes' to 3 three questions, then you are ready to formulate your intentions and give them to the universe for completion. This sounds esoteric, yet any athlete can tell you what a big difference alignment makes to his performance. Isn't it therefore interesting that so many top athletes also become mental coaches and motivation speakers in the business world? Now you know the basic secret behind every top player.

Tip 2

Make your intention positive

Your intention must be expressed positively. Do your best to avoid intentions where you fight something and you don't want something and to articulate your intention as positively as possible. If you have stress, your intention may be to convert your stress into enthusiasm and happy excitement. Stress and excitement are each other's mirror images. They have the same physical effects, with one difference: stress is bad for your body and happy excitement and enthusiasm have a positive effect on your body. For example, my intention is to bring calmness, peace, enthusiasm and happy anticipatory excitement into my life.

You can have short and long term intentions

A short-term intention could be, for example: work every day and excel in what you do. For the long term, an intention can be the intention to do the best you can to get a promotion or grow your business. It's best to have both short-term and long-term intentions.

Congruent intentions make you more effective

You may intend to be productive. Even better, more powerful and more effective, however: I open my mind and heart to the thinking and hunches that result in a higher productivity and other desirable state, and / or: my intention is to be receptive to clarity, inspiration and all information that will support me on the way to my goals.

Intentions enhance your awareness of things you might otherwise miss

Very often you are completely absorbed in your work by thoughts and you do not notice much of your surroundings. Observing what is happening in your environment can give you more enthusiasm and creativity. The smells, colors, movements, sounds, questioning looks or the smile, can all be inspiring and motivating.

Imagine your intention is: I expand my focus to enjoy and contribute to the wonders of the world. Although you stay focused on your work, you are open to the beautiful things around you that give you pleasure. The same applies to possibilities and solutions that come your way that you would otherwise not see, hear, feel or otherwise notice. Your intention to be open and receptive to it will greatly change your life and your success. Only your decision to engage in an intention sets everything in motion.

Change in your life

Because you set your intention in this positive way, the focus changes to the beautiful things in life in general and in particular in your relationships (social environment) and your material life (company, career, possessions). That positive energy in itself is already a very powerful energy that further strengthens. Not only that, it's like everything is falling into place, like everything you need is coming up. That's the same as invoking happiness on yourself.

What are your short term intentions?

Write these down in your notebook and get started!

Tip 3

Set your intention before your meditation

When you meditate, you will enter the different stages of the brainwaves, depending on your depth of relaxation and whether you stay awake or fall asleep (Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma). These are different levels of consciousness from external to internal as well as external, internal, deep internal and connected to the collective universe. Meditation takes you through the chirping in your head to silence and immeasurable depth. By embedding the intention before going into the different brain stages, it takes root better and more powerfully in your consciousness.

As you do it more often, the meditation need not last more than 5 minutes. Start your meditation with a few deep breaths and move into the stillness within. Bring your awareness to your heart and set your intention. Then relax and focus on your breathing or the silence.

You are in control

It is up to you to decide what you want in life and what you want to do to achieve it. You make a conscious choice to achieve or create something. You can achieve your goal the same day, week, month or a little later in your life. You decide. Intention is the driving force behind your actions.

Setting intentions helps you get out of your mind

Setting your intentions takes your thinking away from your problems and experiencing limitations. It focuses your focus on what has a positive effect on your life. If you clarify how you want to feel today, instead of wishing you to feel better, you are putting the power of change in your own hands. One possible intention: my intention is to live in gratitude for everything I have, for everything and everyone around me, for everything I am, to be open to and allow love and positive energy to fill my heart and my body.

Hold the handlebars

By going into meditation, you can let go of all thoughts that work against you, such as: it cannot, it is impossible, I do not deserve it and other disturbing thoughts. By detaching yourself from those thoughts, your intention can take root in your brain and in your system. The problem if you don't is that those thoughts will take over. You allow yourself to be directed and focused by what you do not want.


Translated from Dutch

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Author: Dr. Roy Martina

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