How To Get (And Stay) Motivated To Workout And Lose Weight

How To Get (And Stay) Motivated To Workout And Lose Weight


Question: I need help with motivation. This has always been my biggest struggle. No matter what I do, I can’t stay motivated to lose weight, or workout, or go to the gym, or eat right. This stops me from being consistent, which prevents me from making progress. What can I do to finally change this?

Answer: This is one of the most common questions I get asked, and the answer is the complete opposite of what you think it is.

Cardio vs Weight Lifting: Which Type Of Exercise Is Best For Weight Loss?

Cardio vs Weight Lifting: Which Type Of Exercise Is Best For Weight Loss?

When weight loss is your goal, there are two things you’re probably going to start doing:

  1. Eating better.
  2. Exercising.

Now, when it comes to the “exercising” part of that equation, there are two main options to choose from: cardio and weight lifting.

The question is… which one should you do?


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Verbeter je leven door beter te slapen

Ontdek praktische tips om beter te slapen! Floris is dé slaapexpert van de Benelux. Wegens succes heb ik hem voor de tweede keer uitgenodigd in deze podcast. Slaap is een onderwerp dat ons allemaal aangaat. Veel mensen hebben moeite met in slaap komen, liggen vaak wakker of slapen slecht. Dit is best zorgwekkend gezien je slaap invloed heeft op alle andere gebieden van je leven: je energielevel, je werk, je relaties en niet in de laatste plaats: je gemoedstoestand.

How to use others' feedback to learn and grow - Sheila Heen

Most efforts to improve individual and organizational learning focus on teaching people how to give feedback. After years of consulting with organizations around the world on how to manage their most challenging conversations, Heen and her colleagues realized they may have been thinking about the problem the wrong way. She explains why, if you want to improve learning in your organization, the smart money is on figuring out how to receive feedback—even off-base or poorly delivered feedback—and use it to fuel growth.

How to achieve your most ambitious goals - Stephen Duneier

How you define Stephen Duneier depends on how you came to know him. Some define him as an expert institutional investor, while others know him as a large scale installation artist, avid outdoorsman, professor, decision strategist, coach, business leader, mindfulness extremist, author, speaker, daredevil or Guinness world record holder. In his talk, Stephen explains that what truly defines him aren't titles, but an approach to decision making that transformed him from someone who struggled with simple tasks to a guy who is continuously achieving even his most ambitious dreams.

The Power of Visual Thinking

Visual thinking is a great way to understand complex or potentially confusing information, and also a way to organize your thoughts and improve your ability to think and communicate.

Imagine someone talking to you, and starting with the word – “Imagine…”

You are completely hooked, isn’t it?

Consider this excerpt from Richard Feynman’s The Pleasure of Finding Things Out, where his father helps him visualize about dinosaurs –