Core Values – What Matters Most in Your Relationship?

In your relationship, what values matter more to you than anything else?

If you haven't talked about it, you might not know.

Core values are a short list of the 3-6 things that matter most to you in your partnership.

These are principles that guide your decisions.

What would we choose over all other things?

Having a discussion about your values is an incredible way to find out what is important to your partner.

Once decided together, these values can help you make tough choices, by guiding you in the direction of your highest values instead of what is easy, safe, or pleases others.

In this episode, we talk about:

How the idea of core values came out of a business workshop but really naturally works in relationships tooHow bringing business practices into relationships might help you get your partner interested in being more intentionalOur 5 core values in our marriageHow we developed our core values, and the process we recommend you follow if you want to do this

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