Be, Think, Do - Mike Sturm

In this collection of essays, Mike Sturm distills the theory and practice of self-improvement into its simplest elements, and then conducts a deep examination of them. The book is divided into 3 sections—one for each of the basic elements that any self-improvement journey should focus on: being, thinking, and doing. The essays each examine a different element of changing and improving your attitude and sense of self (BE), changing and improving your mental life (THINK), and changing and improving your habits (DO).

Each short essay can be read on its own as part of a morning motivational routine, or as part of a progressively deeper journey into self-improvement.
Topics covered include:

  • building a compassionate relationship with yourself
  • ditching work-life "balance" for something better
  • choosing values over goals
  • getting others interested in you, and invested in your success
  • using methods to think deeply and differently
  • harnessing the power of journaling by leveraging different methods
  • becoming truly and robustly open-minded

BE, THINK, DO offers a collection of succinct, yet rich and impactful essays that provide a different way of thinking about and implementing self-improvement.

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