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How wonderful is it to be the director of your own life? To choose and walk your own path? By trusting your authenticity? By fully standing in your own power? By listening to your feelings and following your heart? To give meaning to your dream.

For me this was not the natural way to go for a long time. I was not used to live from my heart and listen to my feelings. Late 2016 this gradually changed. I met several coaches who held up a mirror to me and stimulated me to work on myself. My transformation process was set in motion and I consider this to be the most instructive period of my life.

Grateful for the excellent feedback I received, I in turn only wanted one thing. To inspire other people to get the most out of their life. To encourage them to really go for their dream or life purpose.

How to do this? By stimulating self-awareness through an online virtual coach concept from which practically everyone can benefit. It’s not a vague woolly creation, but a holistic self-improvement App based on scientific research and universal laws. A practical App that inspires you to work on personal growth and the life of your dream. After the App went live, the online Growth Platform was introduced.

With the live launch of this App, my own dream comes true. We wish for everyone to have a fun, healthy and happy life. If we can contribute to this, our mission is successful. I am very proud that I am allowed to work with such talented forces. Every team member is super motivated, shares the same passion and lives the same dream. We call this the lifestyle of Hunt Your Dream.

Have fun, go Hunt Your Dream & unleash your inner power!

Menco Erenst - Founder

LLM Menco Erenst


Living your dream is simply something I wish for everyone. I am fascinated by personal development and growth. My life's mission? To inspire millions of people to follow their hearts and make a conscious choice for a fun, healthy and happy life. To make positive changes in this world together. 🍀

Choosing happiness in life is not always self-evident. It takes a lot of energy and willpower to take a different and unknown path. I know this from my own experience and realize that everything that is worthwhile takes effort. 😃

I trust that the App inspires you to make choices from the heart. And that it will provide you with a foundation to become the best version of yourself. ✨

Lots of love and happiness 💚


Daniël Ouwendijk


My job as Developer of the App Hunt Your Dream is to provide every user with a great user experience. The more people are happy with the App, the happier I become. 😁 The App is a wonderful way to make this mission succeed.

Unconsciously the App also stimulates me to get the most out of my own life. As a result, I started living a lot more self-consciously and try to follow my heart. If it works for me, it works for you too. 😉 Download the App and let us know what you think. 🤗


Djano Zoeteweij


As a Marketer I get a smile on my face when I'm working on our App and the Platform. The thought and the realization that I help others really appeals to me. I actually apply everything in my life and I work with on own personal development and growth on a daily basis. Every day I learn new things and take on new challenges.

My ambition? To inspire others to get the best out of their life and live their dream.

My dream? To make the world a little better. 😊


André Martina

Succes Coach

For over 25 years I have been getting my satisfaction from creating dream results through training, coaching and creating transformation.

In my holistic approach the focus is on: optimizing mental sharpness, flexibility, emotional power, energetic flow and spiritual connection. 

My coach expertise is very diverse. I am an internationally certified trainer and coach in NLP, hypnosis, hypnotherapy and Omega Healing. Besides these techniques I have been trained as a therapist in integral natural healing methods.

Within Hunt Your Dream I am active as a holistic coach and focus on the content of some Growth Themes within the App.


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